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Alexandre Huillet

  • Sworn translator-interpreter:

- English French

- French English

Courts of Justice:

  • Sworn certified translator affiliated to the Court of appeal of Chambéry (France)
  • Sworn certified translator to the Superior Court of Justice of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • Sworn certified translator listed on the national register of the Federal Ministry of Justice (Belgium)
  • Audio transcriptions in English and French

Anna Gordeeva

- Dutch, English, French Russian

- Russian Dutch, English, French

1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

Carmen Bouritei

- French Romanian

- Romanian French

1020 Brussels

Christiaan Couturier

- Dutch / Flemish English

- English Dutch / Flemish

2800 Mechelen (Malines)

Daisy Verheyden

- Dutch / Flemish English

- English Dutch / Flemish

2800 Mechelen (Malines)

David Babaev

- English French, Russian

- French English, Russian

- Russian English, French

Courts of Justice:  

Brussels (Brussel), Charleroi, Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel), Tournai (Doornik)

Elena Stroykova

- French Russian, Ukrainian

- Russian French, Ukrainian

- Ukrainian French, Russian

6690 Vielsalm, Arlon (Aarlen), Huy (Hoei), Liège (Luik), Marche-en-Famenne, Namur (Namen), Neufchâteau, Verviers

Fatma Iferoudjene

- Arabic, Berber (Kabyle) French

- French Arabic, Berber (Kabyle)

Courts of Justice:

Charleroi, Mons (Bergen)

Frédérique Christiaens

- from and into: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

- Audio transcriptions in the above mentioned languages

Courts of Justice:

Brussels, Charleroi, Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel)

Iurii Abdusa

English, French, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian

in different language combinations

1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

7000 Mons (Bergen)

Joanna Rau

- English, French, Polish, Russian

in different language combinations

1060 Brussels (Bruxelles)

LTA -Limani Sedat

- specialized translations (not sworn in Belgium) from English, French, German into Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian


Prishtine, Kosovo

Madni Saiyid

- English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu   Dutch

- Dutch   English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Towns / Courts of Justice:

3840 Looz (Borgloon), Louvain (Leuven), Tongres (Tongeren)

Michèle Nardi-Valette

- Italian French

Court of  Justice:  Namur (Namen) & The General Consulate of  Italy in Charleroi

Nedzad Ceman

- Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian French

- French Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

4000 Liège (Luik), Brussels, Arlon (Aarlen), Bergen (Mons), Hoei (Huy), Verviers

Sabine Lebbe-Maillot

- Chinese French

- English, French Chinese

Brussels & Paris

Sandra Vranic

- French Croatian, Serbian

- Croatian, Serbian French

5377 Somme-Leuze

Seda Gubacheva

- French Chechen, Russian

- Chechen, Russian French

4000 Liège (Luik)

Steffie Vandelacluze

- Dutch, English, Korean, Spanish in different language combinations

- Audio transcriptions in Dutch and Korean

8820 Torhout (Thourout)

Thanh Thuy Phan

- from and into: Dutch, English, French, Vietnamese

1190 Brussels (Forest / Vorst), Liège (Luik)

Vladislav Linkiavitchious

- Russian English, French

- French English, Russian

- English French, Russian

Courts of Justice:  

Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen)

Yulia Koreneva

- Russian English, French

- French English, Russian

- English French, Russian

1190 Brussels (Forest), Mons (Bergen), Nivelles (Nijvel)

Kelly Sobota

- French, Italian Dutch

- Dutch French, Italian

Court of Justice:

Tongres (Tongeren)

Ajmal Hotak

- Pashto French

- French Pashto

Courts of Justice:

Brussels, Walloon Brabant (Brabant Wallon), Hainaut (Henegouwen), Liège (Luik), Namur (Namen)

Amal Boualga

- Arabic,  English, French, Italian in different language combinations

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Ann de Kreyger

- Dutch English, French , Russian

- English, French, Russian Dutch

Court of Fist Instance and Court of Appeal in Brussels (Bruxelles)

Azra Redzematovic

- Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, SerbianFrench

- French  Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian

4000 Liège (Luik)

Carmen Posa

- Romanian French

- French Romanian

Court of Justice: Namur (Namen)

Delia De Coopman

- RomanianEnglish, French

- EnglishFrench, Romanian

- FrenchEnglish, Romanian

- Audio transcriptions in English, French & Romanian

1000 Brussels (Bruxelles), Nivelles (Nijvel) and

Court of Appeal in Brussels

Eszter Kotroczo

- Hungarian Dutch, English

- Dutch, English Hungarian

3110 Rotselaar

Evelien De Vuyst

- Dutch / Flemish Spanish

- Spanish Dutch / Flemish

9700 Oudenaarde (Audenarde)

François Biot

- Dutch, English French

- French Dutch

5100 Namur (Namen)

Hassan Jarfi

- Arabic French

- French Arabic

Courts of Justice:  Liège (Luik), Verviers, Wallonia, Walloon Brabant, Brussels

Hella Povazsay

- Hungarian Dutch,  English

- Dutch,  English Hungarian

- Audio transcriptions in Dutch and Hungarian

1080 Brussels, Antwerp (Anvers), Ghent (Gand)

Johanna Mastranopoli

- Audio transcriptions in:

English, French & Italian

4000 Liège (Luik)

Jorge Santos

- Portuguese French

- French Portuguese

-English French, Portuguese

6200 Châtelineau, Nivelles (Nijvel), Brussels (Bruxelles)

Ludmila Bulgar

- English, French, Russian Romanian

- English, Romanian, Russian French

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Michèle Laurent

- English, Portuguese, Spanish French

1325 Bonlez, Brussels, Nivelles (Nijvel)

Mimoza Dino

- Albanian, Dutch, English, French, Greek

in different language combinations

1853 Strombeek Bever

1000 Brussels

Peter Arnout

- Dutch English, French

- English, French Dutch

9000 Ghent (Gand)

Ruiping Li

- Chinese French

- French Chinese

Nivelles (Nijvel), Brussels

Saïd Aberkan

- Dutch Arabic, Berber, Arabic dialects

- Arabic, Berber, Arabic dialects Dutch

Court : Brussels (Bruxelles)

Available in Brussels, Antwerp and the Flemish Region

Serge Withouck

- English, French , Italian Dutch

- Dutch English, French , Italian

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Stela Asparouhova

- Bulgarian French

- French Bulgarian

1000 Brussels - Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal

Valérie Dullens

- English, Italian French

- French English, Italian

  • Liège (Luik), Charleroi, Mons (Bergen), Tournai (Doornik)
  • The General Consulate of Italy in Charleroi

Ylber Zejnullahu

- Audio transcriptions in Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English and French

- Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian French

- French  Albanian

Courts of Justice:

Liège (Luik), Charleroi, Courtrai (Kortrijk), Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Verviers

Amal BOUALGAAmal Boualga - Translation Services

Sworn translations and interpretations, consecutive & simultaneous interpretations or during interviews in Brussels:

in Arabic, English, French, Italian

Special student rates available for translations of academic documents

+32 (0)489 28 15 07


French - English - French

Sworn translator and interpreter by the Court of Appeal in Brussels and the Court of First Instance in Mons (Bergen)

Specialized in juridical, financial, marketing, medical and administrative translations

+32 (0)2 771 26 04  &  +32 (0)475 53 13 47

Cristina CIUPITU

English, French, Romanian, Spanish

in Mons, Nivelles & Charleroi

More than 15 years of experience in sworn interpretations or during business meetings, interviews, sworn and specialised translations...

+32 (0)470 133 243 -

Eric Micha, sworn translator and interpreter in Belgium and Germany              Eric Micha

Sworn translator & interpreter in Belgium & Germany

German French → German

Courts of Justice:

  • Eupen & Verviers - in Belgium
  • Cologne (Köln) & Hanovre (Hannover) in Germany

+32 (0)498 68 03 59 -

+49 (0)2444 91 21 71  &  +49 (0)152 095 74 256



Korean Dutch Korean

Master-in-law and Master after Master in tax law at the University of Antwerp

+32 (0)15 730 777  &  +32 (0)478 81 46 43 -

Fatma Iferoudjene

sworn translator and interpreter from and into

Arabic, Berber (Kabyle), French

Mastery of the Arabic and Berber dialects of North Africa and Middle East (Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Chaouïa / Shawiya...)

Courts : Charleroi and Mons

+32 (0)489 66 84 50 -

Felicia Postaru, sworn translator and interpreter, and specialised translations in BelgiumFelicia POSTARU

Sworn translator and interpreter,

specialized translations

Romanian French Romanian

Brussels and region of Flemish Brabant

+32 (0)483 12 63 52


Since 2008 translations and interpretations


- for the Head of States and Governments

- during important sports events: Olympic Games, EURO, World Cup

+32 (0)489 84 88 49 & +32 (0)494 33 76 04  &

Isabelle CollardTradassur SPRL

sworn translator and interpreter

in English, French and Italian

Courts: Brussels and Nivelles

+32 (0)475 61 75 35 -

Specialised translations in the following fields:

legal - finance - marketing - insurances - travel guides and websites

Interpretations during marriages, interviews, driving licences & business meetings

Johanna Mastranopoli

Audio-transcriptions and specialised translations in

English, French and Italian.

Available for international orders.

+32 (0)499 25 53 96

www.lta-ks.comLTA LLC - Limani Sedat

Specialised translations and interpretations in Prishtine, Kosovo - no sworn interpretations in Belgium

Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, French, German, Macedonian, Serbian

+383 (0)44 164 027 -

Ludmila Bulgar - Nexus Traduction & ConseilLUDMILA BULGAR

offers you in Brussels

sworn and specialised translations, conference interpretations in:  

English, French, Romanian and Russian

+32 (0)499 12 95 06 -

Marta Bica

Sworn (or not sworn) translator and interpreter in

Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Romanian

Accompanying during:

  • a driving license examination
  • the medical / psychological examination to recover the driving license

Court of First Instance & Court of Appeal in Brussels

+32 (0)498 57 51 15 -


Kazakh, Dutch, French and Russian

Sworn and specialized translations and interpretations at the Courts of First Instance, Council Chamber, Court of Appeal, Assize Court, for marriages...

in Brussels and in Flanders county

+32 (0)494 61 59 11 -

www.tarjama.beRasha Al-Zubairi

Arabic, Chinese, English, French

Sworn and specialised translations and interpretations

Courts of Justice : Charleroi, Mons, Tournai

+32 (0)69 30 17 06 & +32 (0)488 02 49 03 -

In Verbo VeritasValérie DULLENS

Sworn translator - interpreter

in Italian, English, French

Courts of Justice: Liège, Hainaut - Italian Consulate in Charleroi

Holder of a University Certificate in Interpretation in Legal Context

+32 (0)496 05 69 60 -

Customers' questions about

translations & interpretations

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

Are there different types of interpretation?

Can a translator help me as an interpreter?

How to find an interpreter in Belgium?

How much does interpretation cost?

How to choose the right interpreter?

May I use the services of an interpreter to go to court (the police, the General Commission for Refugees or to another official organisation) with me?

Where to find a translator for a sworn translation or a legalized translation?

Where to find a translator for a specialised translation in another field of expertise (not for a sworn translation)?

Questions of the translators interpreters

How can I get more translation and interpreting orders?

Who can work as translator-interpreter in Belgium (conference interpreter, consecutive interpretation, whispering, liaison, negotiation etc.)? Which are the required conditions?

Who can register to this translator-interpreter directory?

How to register to the translators-interpreters’ directory and to the Belgian sworn translators’ directory?

How much does it cost to register?

What payment options are accepted?

What is a group registration to the translator interpreter directory?

Can clients contact me directly after I have registered?

When will my individual pages be posted on this site?

Which languages can I have my pages in?

Which information can I have on my individual pages?

How do I modify the information on my individual pages?

Who can publish advertisements on these directories?

How much does advertisement space cost?

How can I get more translation and interpreting orders?

How can I become a sworn translator or a sworn interpreter in Belgium?

What should I do if I cannot find answers to my questions here?

Registration conditions to the interpreters’ directory in Belgium

Translators interpreters in Belgium:

registration conditions for this website




1   General provisions

2   Duration of registration and steps to follow

3   Website registration fees

4   Rights and obligations of the company

5   Rights and obligations of the interpreter

6   Conditions of translator and interpreter recommendations by their clients

7   Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

1   General provisions

1.1 The website is the property of, duly represented by Cornelia Radu, MSc ME. works in collaboration with non-profit organisation (ASBL) Productions Associées, having its head office in 1060 Brussels, Belgium, VAT: BE 0896.755.397.

1.2 These conditions for website registration apply to all commercial transactions and relations between, owner and administrator of the website, referred to as the “COMPANY” below ON THE ONE HAND and the sworn translator registering on the website, referred to as the “TRANSLATOR” ON THE OTHER.

1.3 The websites and are the English and Dutch versions of and

1.4 All interpreters who work (or wish to work) as interpreters in Belgium can register on this website. They are entirely free to set their rates and conditions for every order, as we do not act as intermediaries.

1.5 Translators interpreters who are also sworn translators in Belgium can register on both websites: and (please see point 3.3).

1.6 The purpose of this website is to provide the interpreter with:

a. The possibility to increase his/her earnings thanks to his/her registration to this website;

b. A personal web space on, for increased visibility on the internet;

c. A new means to be easily found and contacted by the people and companies needing a translator interpreter;

d. Better visibility on the translation market thanks to assessments and recommendations made by clients.

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2   Duration of registration and steps to follow

2.1 A translator interpreter can register to the website for a period of one year (12 months from the date on which the registration takes effect) or more.

2.2 The exact duration of registration is in conformity with the registration form, filled in and dated by the interpreter upon registration.

2.3 To register, download on the website the registration form, fit it in, date, sign and e-mail it to: You will then get a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us to receive the registration form by e-mail or by post.

2.4 The individual pages will be created, published on internet and an invoice will be sent to the interpreter only upon reception of:

2.4.1 The registration form duly filled in, dated and signed by the interpreter;

2.4.2 The payment to the account mentioned in these registration conditions and in the registration form;

2.4.3 A copy of the decision of a Belgian Court of Justice that the translator in question is a sworn translator/interpreter (if that is the case).

2.5 Payments made are refundable only before the publication of the translator's data on the internet.

2.6 No refunds will be made after the publication of the translator's data on the respective website.

2.7 The translator is free to terminate his registration at any time.

2.8 If the translator wishes to delete his data from the site before the end of the period already paid, he must inform the company in writing. The data will be erased from the site within 3 working days. Even in this situation, the payments made at the time of termination are not refundable, since the respective data have already been published on the internet.

2.9 The company undertakes to announce to the translator 1 (one) month in advance that his registration will end.

2.10 Payment of registration fees renews the validity of the previously signed registration.

2.11 Non-payment of registration fees means that the translator renounces his registration on this site and his contact details will be automatically deleted.

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3   Website registration fees

3.1 All our prices are VAT included.

3.2 The registration rate to the website is € 50.00/year (12 months from the date on which the registration takes effect), safe promotional offers or agreements between the company and the interpreter.  

3.3 Interpreters who are also sworn translators/interpreters can register on both sites: and for € 70.00/year (12 months from the date on which the registration takes effect).

3.4 The price of your registration includes your pages in the languages of your choice: English, French and Dutch.

3.5 The translator's data may also be mentioned, against payment of additional advertising costs, in "Featured interpreters" (left column), "Interpreters of the month" (right column) and in the photo gallery (at the top of the pages). These advertising costs are separate from the registration fees and are added to the registration fees mentioned in points 3.2 and 3.3. The details of the advertising rates are available in the registration form.  

3.6 Payments can be made:

The payment details are mentioned in the registration form.  

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4   Rights and obligations of the company

4.1 The company endeavours to have the website run in the best conditions and to facilitate contacts between interpreters and clients.

4.2 The company cannot be held responsible for a minimum of requests for estimates and/or orders for interpretation after the interpreter has registered on the website.

4.3 The company cannot publicly disclose the information given by the interpreter without his/her consent, except those bound to be made public and mentioned in the registration form. This does not apply to cases in which the company is legally requested to disclose such information or cases in which such information is in or falls into the public domain independently from such information being disclosed by the interpreter or the company.

4.4 The company cannot be held responsible for the loss of documents due to fires, floods, natural disasters, burglary or theft.

4.5 The company cannot be held responsible for any damages and losses occurring whilst data are being transferred. The company uses an antivirus software which is regularly updated and cannot account for damages caused by potential computer viruses.

4.6 The company website may feature hyperlinks to other websites. Given that the company has no control over what those websites contain, the interpreter acknowledges that the company cannot be held responsible for the products, services and information available on and/or from those websites in particular.

4.7 The website complies with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), adopted by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016, applicable from 25 May 2018.

4.8 For any question on our policy of privacy protection, please visit the webpage and/or contact us. You will find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

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5   Rights and obligations of the interpreter

5.1 All translators interpreters who work (or wish to work) as interpreters in Belgium can register on this website.

5.2 By sending the registration form, the interpreter certifies he/she is an interpreter for the languages he/she mentioned in that form.

5.3 The interpreter is free to take (or not) requests from clients and to set up his/her own interpretation and payment conditions for each interpretation he/she undertakes.

5.4 The interpreter commits to work with the utmost care and professional seriousness demanded by the deontological code and enforced principles in the profession of translator / interpreter, and in conformity with these “Registration Terms and Conditions”.

5.5 In case of complaint, the interpreter agrees to the fact that no matter the bases of said complaints and the procedure undertaken to make it, the potential responsibility of the company for the execution of the obligations stated in these «Registration Terms and Conditions” and will be limited to an amount not exceeding the total amount actually paid by the interpreter in payment for the services or tasks provided by the company.

5.6 Any modification in the interpreter’s contact details must be notified in writing.

5.7 No matter the difficulty the interpreter may be faced with over the course of his/her being registered, he/she must urgently inform the company of it in writing.

5.8 By sending the registration form it is considered that the interpreter has agreed to the «Registration Terms and Conditions”.

5.9 The interpreter’s own commercial conditions make the company liable only of the company having explicitly acknowledged these.

5.10 Nevertheless, should the provisions stated in these terms and conditions not be respected, both the interpreter and the company may apply their right to terminate the ongoing registration.

5.11 The translator-interpreter can send his/her CV (in Word or PDF format). A link will enable visitors to download it from his/her personal page.

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6   Conditions of translator and interpreter recommendations by their clients

6.1  Submitting a recommendation

6.1.1 is entitled to post recommendations / assessments on all the websites the agency it supervises.

6.1.2 Recommendations are displayed from the most recent one to the eldest.

6.1.3 Clients can send their recommendations to directly or send them to the translators and/or interpreters whom they were in business with, who then pass them on to us abiding by these terms and conditions.

6.1.4 By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you expressly authorise and its affiliated websites to use, copy and display the recommendations, regardless of the communication channel and regardless of the form.

6.1.5 You expressly renounce all rights which may transpire in your recommendations and you acknowledge you have no objection to these recommendations to be posted, used or exploited by us, affiliates, the concerned translators and interpreters or any other of our licensed partners.

6.1.6 does not alter these recommendations and, within legal limits, will not be responsible or liable whatever the reason due to any future posting, use or diffusion. Moreover, does not check, support or approve the ideas and opinions expressed in those recommendations, which only reflect their authors’ opinions. All decisions made on the basis of those recommendations featured on this service remain your full responsibility.

6.1.7 reserves the right to delete, analyse and translate any recommendation posted or stored on its websites at its discretion at any time, whatever the reason, or to order third parties to perform these tasks.

6.1.8 Whatever the reason and at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse to post or delete any recommendation of any sort (without notification). The various scenarios include all situations in which receives a complaint from a third party and/or has reasons no think the terms and conditions were violated, without limits.

6.1.9 Should you have a complaint about the recommendations or texts posted on our websites, please send said your complaint together with as many details as possible to justify it to the following e-mail address:

6.1.10 Let us specify that reserves the right to request further information concerning the nature of a complaint and ask you for elements to verify your identity, if need be.

6.2  Conditions for sending a recommendation / an assessment

6.2.1 Recommendations are authorised in the following cases only:

a. You ordered a translation / interpretation with a translator / interpreter with the intention to finalise your custom;

b. You resorted to the services of a translator and/or interpreter, which you are recommending;

c. Or you could bring another testimony forward concerning the purchase of a service with the recommended translator and/or interpreter.

These three situations will hereafter be referred to as “purchasing experiences”.

6.2.2 A valid e-mail address and reference must be provided on every occasion.

6.2.3 Recommendations must always be related to the service in question.

6.2.4 A service can only be recommended if and when it has been performed.

6.2.5 Recommendations can only concern a purchase experience (consumption experience) dating back to less than six months before the recommendation was submitted.

6.2.6 The recommendations affected by a conflict of interests and aiming at, positively or negatively, manipulating the overall recommendation of a translator and/or interpreter are not allowed. For instance, this concerns cases when a recommendation was submitted with the sole purpose of harming or promoting the person concerned.

6.2.7 When the recommended translator or interpreter contacts us because he/she cannot link your recommendation to an actual order, when your recommendation has been signalled by our anti-dishonesty measures or in case of obvious errors, we shall potentially ask you to provide proof of your order with the person being recommended within five working days. Failing to provide evidence will cause the recommendation in question to be deleted.

6.2.8 Moreover, you can customise your recommendation by providing personal data when you submit an recommendation. For reasons of confidentiality, those details will be displayed in a restricted way.

6.3  Recommendations contents / assessments

Recommendation must be free of the following mentions:

a. Criminally reprehensible, inciting to perpetrate or cause an offence;

b. Unlawful;

c. Threatening, harassing, insulting, malevolent, aggressive, harmful, blasphemous, indecent, incorrect, inaccurate, libellous, deceptive, racist, discriminatory, violent, shocking, obscene, sexist or pornographic;

d. Violating or damaging the rights of third parties (particularly all intellectual property rights, for instance copyrights or trademark rights) and/or illegal in any other way;

e. Containing information of a confidential nature and/or violating or damaging third parties’ confidentiality, particularly if the text in question includes a credit card, social security, bank account number or any other information likely to result in an identity theft;

f. Deceiving third parties as to your identity (particularly by stealing a third party’s identity);

g. Concerning consumption experience dating back to more than six months before the recommendation was submitted;

h. Promoting other websites, products or services (in particular, mentioning phone numbers, e-mail addresses or other links is forbidden);

i. Likely to influence legal proceedings you have knowledge of;

j. Including random signs or meaningless series of words or if the text is badly written to the point of being unintelligible;

k. Whose attributes include concrete elements of conflicts of interests;

l. Including an appeal of legal proceedings;

m. Whose recommendation manager thinks they could jeopardise his/her civil or criminal liability;

n. Bearing no direct link with the recommended services;

o. Not reflecting the client’s personal experience connected to the recommended products or services.

For the aforementioned reasons, failing to do so causes to reserve the right to refuse, delete or cancel recommendations.

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7   Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

7.1 The website is ruled and interpreted pursuant to Belgian, European and international laws.

7.2 By using the site, its versions in different languages and by registering on these sites, you agree to respect the general conditions of use and navigation defined on these sites.

7.3 The invalidity of a clause contained within these registration conditions does not make other clauses invalid. The invalid clause is to be replaced, by mutual agreement or by a judge, by a clause as close as possible to the financial intent of the cancelled clause.

7.4 The safeguard clause only comes into effect in case other legal provisions cannot replace the provisions initially stated or when they only aim to facilitate interpreting those provisions.

7.5 Should the registration form and the «Registration Terms and Conditions” have been written up in various languages, only the version in French prevails between the parties.

7.6 In the occurrence of a dispute relating to the validity, interpretation, performance or non-fulfilment of the rights and obligations related to these conditions, Belgian law shall apply. In case of failing to reach an out-of-court settlement, the French courts of Liege are only competent to decide unless otherwise required by law.

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