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Arbër HALILI - sworn translator interpreter

Albanian - Dutch - Albanian

+32 (0)488 49 08 68 -

- Bachelor of Laws, Certificate in juridical translation and interpretation

- Copywriting, proofreading, subtitles

Serge Withouck - certified translator in Quebec, Belgium and Netherlands Serge Withouck - certified translator in Quebec, Canada

Serge Withouck

Certified translator in Canada

Sworn translator/interpreter in Belgium and

The Netherlands

English, French, Italian Dutch

+32 (0)2 513 73 61       +32 (0)475 49 59 30


Sworn and specialized translator interpreter in

Belarusian, French, Russian

+32 (0)471 597 116 -

François PETITFrançois Petit, sworn interpreter in English, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Spanish in Belgium

sworn and specialized interpretations

English, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Spanish

+32 (0)488 61 98 87

Anna Mochtchevitina

Sworn and specialized translator-interpreter

Dutch, English, Russian, Belarusian

- More than 15 years' experience

- Private and official customers, all sorts of official and other documents and meetings.       +32 (0)474 84 28 03


Albanian, Bosnian, Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Sworn or specialized interpretations in Brussels

+32 (0)486 37 17 40 -


Albanian - French - Albanian

Translator interpreter in Belgium

+32 (0)488 80 40 17 -

Eun-Jung KIM OLBRECHTSEun-Jung Kim Olbrechts - HanBit


Dutch, English, Korean

Master-in-law and advanced Master in tax law at the University of Antwerp

+32 (0)15 730 777  &  +32 (0)478 81 46 43

Fatma Iferoudjene

sworn translator and interpreter from and into

Arabic, Berber (Amazigh), French

Mastery of the Arabic and Berber dialects of North Africa and Middle East (Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Chaouïa / Shawiya...)

+32 (0)489 66 84 50

Dr Alexandre HUILLETAlexandre Huillet -  translator interpreter in English and French in Belgium, France and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Specialised in English < > French

  • Sworn/certified translations and interpretations in Belgium, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and United Kingdom.
  • Subtitling and transcriptions
  • Non-sworn translations to and from Spanish

+33 (0)7 78 20 60 43

HENALEX CONFERENCE SERVICES David Babaev - Henalex Conference Services

Since 2008 translations and interpretations


- for the Head of States and Governments

- during important sports events: Olympic Games, EURO, World Cup

- AIIC Member; CBTI Member; Accredited to the Council of Europe

+32 (0)494 33 76 04


Sworn translator and interpreter

Farsi (Persian, Iranian), Dari, French   +32 (0477 51 86 52

Specialized translator in Belgium and France


Sworn translator interpreter

French, Romanian, Russian

+32 (0)488 83 76 19

Chris FALQUEChris Falque - American Translation

→ Sworn translator in different combinations of:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian

→ Specialised in juridical, financial, marketing, medical, specifications and administrative translations

+32 (0)2 771 26 04         +32 (0)475 53 13 47

Valérie Dullens - In Verbo VeritasValérie DULLENS

Sworn translator - interpreter

in Italian, English, French

Belgian Courts of Justice and the Italian Consulate in Charleroi

Holder of a University Certificate in Interpretation in Legal Context

+32 (0)496 05 69 60

Leila DjedainiLeila Djedaini - sworn and specialized translations and interpretations in Arabic, Arabic dialects and French

Sworn translations and interpretations in

Arabic, Arabic dialects of the Maghreb and the Middle East, French      +32 (0)495 46 48 82

Isabelle Collard   

- Sworn translator and interpreter

English-French-Italian inscribed in the register

- Specialized in interpreting wedding ceremonies, driver's licenses, interviews and in the translation of certificates, notarial deeds and diplomas.

+32 (0)475 61 75 35 (Mobile & WhatsApp)

+32 (0)2 366 33 66 -

Cristina CIUPITU

English, French, Romanian, Spanish

in Mons, Nivelles & Charleroi

More than 15 years of experience in sworn interpretations or during business meetings, interviews, sworn and specialised translations...

+32 (0)470 133 243


Arabic, English, French, Italian

Sworn translator interpreter in Belgium

+32 (0)489 28 15 07 -

GREGORY BLAUWERSGregory Blauwers - Eunoia Consult

Dutch - French - Dutch

Sworn translations and legalisations of all official documents for private persons and companies

+32 (0)486 95 14 34 - also via WhatsApp

1180 Brussels & 8400 Oostende

Marta Bica

Sworn (or not sworn) translator and interpreter in

Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Romanian

Accompanying during:

  • a driving license examination
  • the medical / psychological examination to recover the driving license

+32 (0)498 57 51 15


Catalan, English, French, Spanish

Sworn translator interpreter in Belgium and Spain

+32 (0)485 75 15 68 -


Kazakh, Dutch, French, Russian

Sworn and specialized translations and interpretations at the Courts of First Instance, Council Chamber, Court of Appeal, Assize Court, for marriages... in Brussels and in Flanders county

+32 (0)494 61 59 11


- Master diploma in translation and conference interpretation (UMONS, Belgium)

- Sworn and specialized interpretations and translations

Arabic - English - French

+32 (0)488 671 191

Rasha Al-Zubairi

Arabic, Chinese, English, French

Sworn and specialised translations and interpretations in Charleroi, Mons, Tournai

+32 (0)69 30 17 06      +32 (0)488 02 49 03

Iurii ABDUSAIurii Abdusa, sworn and specialized translations or interpretations in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian in Belgium

sworn and specialized translations or interpretations

Dutch, English, French, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

+32 (0)487 32 30 02 -

Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.  Remote interpretations via WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The sworn interpreters registered on this site are accredited for all courts and legal services in Belgium.
Registration features and fees for translators interpreters in Belgium

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120 €

The total price to be paid:

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Payments can be made by bank transfer on the account mentioned in the "Registration Form".

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  • All transfer fees are the responsibility of the translator/interpreter and depend on your bank.
  • Your bank transfer may take a few days depending on your bank and business days.
  • You will receive the invoice and your data will be published on this site only after we receive all relevant documents and your full payment to our bank account.
  • This site is updated at the beginning of each month.

Registration Features and Fees for Translators Interpreters